Cabinet Materials: What are the Different Available Options?

Posted March 23, 2020
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Cabinets are the most essential design component of any kitchen. They not only enhance its appearance but also increase its functionality. There is an extensive range of cabinet materials available in the market these days. It is essential to select the right material that complements your interiors and is highly durable. If you are looking for custom cabinets in Oakville, Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre is the place for you. We design and construct high-end products that suit your needs. Browse our gallery to see the different kitchen designs we offer.

Types of Cabinet Materials

Here are a few options you can choose from:


Solid wood is available in several varieties and offers many benefits. It is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, thereby expands and contracts both horizontally and vertically in accordance with them. It is expensive and requires extensive maintenance. It can be used to build modular kitchens. However, knots and splinters can affect its quality. Termites pose a significant risk to hardwood.


This material is preferred by most manufacturers. It is low-cost, has higher resistance to moisture and offers good stability. Each board is made up of layered thin wood piles that are glued on top of one another. The outer surface is coated with an exposed plastic laminate, wood veneer or thermofoil for additional protection.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

This is a high-grade composite material. It is made from recycled wood fibres and resin, which is CNC-milled under high pressure. It is resistant to cracking and peeling. It is also smoother than plywood.

Stainless Steel

It offers a coveted contemporary feel to the space and is usually used in professional kitchens. It is a good option for moisture-rich places. However, it is hard to clean off fingerprints and scratches from its surface.

Particle Board

It is made up of sawdust and waste wood. It is the cheapest material available in the market. The quality of this material is not very good and it is very light-weight.


It provides an enduring finish and is not very expensive. It is resistant to heat and moisture. It is also perfect for use in kitchens. The cabinets made from this material are heavier when compared to the others. These are highly durable but some low-pressure laminates are susceptible to chipping and cracking.


This provides a glossy finish, thereby adds a luxurious touch to any space. Dirt, fingerprint marks and stains are more visible on acrylic. This requires regular cleaning and is an expensive variant.


This is a vinyl film, which is applied to a substrate using heat and pressure. It closely resembles wood detailing and is often white or almond in colour. These cabinets are easy to maintain and are less likely to chip and crack.


This is a durable and elegant option. It does not wear quickly and is easy to maintain. These cabinets can be cleaned using a wet cloth and are not very expensive.

Opt for  custom cabinets for your kitchen. You can design these cabinets to match your interiors perfectly and add all the specialty storage features you want. Though these are expensive compared to semi-stock and stock cabinets, they are worth the price.
Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre offers custom cabinets to all its clients in Oakville. We can help you design products that reflect your personal style and are functional. Our dedicated, hard-working design team has the experience to handle both small and large projects. We also undertake bathroom renovations. For further queries, contact us today!


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