Renovating to Sell or Renovating to Love – Why You Should Love Your New Kitchen

Posted March 23, 2020

​If home is where the heart is, then the kitchen is the heart of your home. There are can be multiple lounges, rooms, bathrooms but only one kitchen. A lot has changed since the Stone Age when kitchens used to be just fireplaces. These spaces can be designed with beautiful marble or wood finishing, installed with the latest appliances. If you love cooking or want to increase the value of your home, get in touch with professional kitchen designers.
Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre has been helping clients create their personal spaces since 1965. We are experts at designing and manufacturing custom cabinets for homeowners.
In this blog post, we discuss about how you can renovate your kitchen, whether it’s for love or resale value.

Top Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen should be a place where you feel good while working in it. It should be convenient and should have everything that you need easily. Renovation opens up endless possibilities and creative ideas for your kitchen. A successful kitchen renovation starts with a thorough plan and by selecting a qualified kitchen designer. We can help from design to construction process.
A few reasons why you should plan a renovation are as follows:
· It increases your home’s value
Whether you are going to stay in your current home for some more years or through retirement, renovating your kitchen is a brilliant way to increase your home’s value.
· Making way for the latest materials and appliances
The home design market is always filled with new, cost-effective materials and innovations like SMART Kitchens.
· A better accommodation for your family
If you have recently moved into your home, there are chances that you may not like your kitchen that much. Perhaps it lacks furniture or a breakfast bar. Maybe your family wants to gather informally to enjoy coffee or a quick meal in the kitchen without going to the dining hall. Whatever the reason may be, renovation can help to arrange your kitchen to suit specific needs.
· Increased storage space for more functionality
Adding custom cabinets to your kitchen avoids the problem of not having space. It will let you fit in all the pantry and equipment that your kitchen needs.
· To add something for the little ones
If your family includes children, it can be challenging to keep their hands out of hot appliances. Try to add a chalkboard wall, allocate space for play-Doh or convert a low cupboard as a play arena.
· Deterioration
Your kitchen can be missing doors, have broken tiles or cabinets and have obsolete appliances that do not inspire family events, parties or even cooking.
· Increased energy efficiency
You can also renovate by taking energy consumption into account. This can make your kitchen operations smooth, saving you money. Start with energy-efficient appliances (i.e., stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves).

Let Us Help

Our kitchen designers are experts at tailoring custom cabinets for homeowners. We have the knowledge, talent and experience to take on jobs of all sizes and specifications. Our clients trust us for our excellent customer service and top-quality products. You can go through our gallery of kitchen designs to visualize your dream kitchen.
For information on making most use of your kitchen cabinets, read our blog post - Optimize Your Space with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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