The Difference Between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Posted October 22, 2020

A common misconception is that interior designers and interior decorators are one and the same. It stems from the fact that a lot of interior designers extend their services into decorator territory while some experienced decorators are also capable of making floor plans. Despite such overlapping aspects, these professionals are hired for different purposes. You may hire the interior designers at Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre to plan the construction or renovation of your bathroom and kitchen.  They are also educated to assist in choosing furniture and accessories for the space.

To elaborate, here are a few key differences that set apart interior designers and interior decorators:
  • What they do
    Interior designers are trained to understand how people interact with structures and use that knowledge to create functional spaces within a building. They also educated to adding aesthetic value to a given space.

    Interior decorators do not deal with structure/construction.  They deal only with the furnishing and adorning of a given space with furniture, fixtures, accessories and decorative objects. Their job is to make any room aesthetically pleasing.
  • Who they work with
    Interior designers are hired to work alongside architects and contractors to help achieve a look that the client desires.

    Interior decorators are hired after the structural work is complete, so they rarely work with architects or contractors.
  • Credentials
    Interior design is a University Degree Program and designers are required to pass an exam in order to register as professionals. However, this exam is not required in all provinces.

    Interior decorators require no certification or schooling to work. However, there are courses for it that cover topics such as fabrics, colour theory, space planning, furniture styles, art history and more. Any individual who has a well-developed taste for decorating spaces can become an interior decorator.
To sum it up, an interior designer can help you make the right choices in utilizing the available space as well as helping to make it visually stunning.  A decorator can help make only with aesthetics.
Whether you are looking to hire an interior designer or interior decorator it is always best to look at their previous work and check their references before entering into an agreement.
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