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At Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre, our team has experience designing bathrooms and kitchens, taking into account your specific needs and requirements. Regardless of your style and budget requirements, we can provide you with the bathroom and kitchen spaces you’ve always envisioned. Our team of interior designers in Oakville can provide you with truly unique designs that can transform your space. Get in touch with our expert designers today to create the bathroom of your dreams. 


Meet Our Team

Robin Garvey  |  Designer/Principal
Robin is president of Oakville Kitchen and Bath Centre, a company that has been designing kitchens and bathrooms for over fifty years.

She graduated from Ryerson University School of Interior Design with a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree.  With over 30 years of experience in kitchen and bath design, Robin has shaped the company into a reliable and respected design and renovation firm.  She is also a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).



Stephanie Langford  |  Designer
Having earned a diploma in Interior Design from Sheridan College, Stephanie has since gained a strong working background in the design industry, specializing in kitchen and bath design for over a decade.

She has an abundance of skill and enthusiasm that helps her develop creative and innovative design solutions.



John Cestra  |  Construction Manager
With over 25 years in the construction industry, John leads the Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre construction team.  

John schedules and co-ordinates all of the kitchen and bathroom projects seamlessly, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.  His ability to problem solve, vast knowledge of building materials and years of practical experience ensure your project will be on time and on budget.



Christie Garvey  |  Office Manager
Before joining the Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre team, Christie gained her extensive office knowledge working with several film production companies in Toronto.

She brings more than 25 years of experience as she oversees all day to day office activities.  Christie displays excellent communication skills and professionalism in managing all initial client inquiries. She is our office manager and specializes in customer service. 

How We Can Help You 

We have a team of experts who can help you plan and effectively utilize your available space to create a bespoke kitchen or bathroom. We have been in the business of designing and customizing kitchen and bathroom spaces for over fifty years.  

Over the years, our team has acquired considerable expertise and experience in creating ergonomic, functional and aesthetic spaces within your home. Our broad clientele has helped us build a distinct name for ourselves as one of the most renowned interior design service providers in Oakville. In all our endeavours, we strive to provide our customers with 100 percent satisfaction with our services. 


How Can I Design a Customized Bathroom Within a Limited Space?

We can help you design a unique bathroom space despite the space constraints. It is a common myth that you can’t do much when you don’t have a lot of available space. However, little details like intelligent use of lighting and colour palettes help in creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Do I Need an Interior Designer?

When embarking on a new renovation project, it is common to wonder whether you need to enlist an interior designer’s services. The interior designers on our team have the knowledge and experience to optimize the use of your space by drafting construction plans for structural, electrical, plumbing, etc. In addition to that, we will help you to select items that complete your kitchen or bathroom, such as cabinets, countertops, appliances, furnishings and more.

Is Hiring an Interior Designer Costly?

Unfortunately, many are under the mistaken impression that hiring an interior designer is costly. The truth is that our interior designers are professionals that assist you with every step of your renovation and ensure that you make financially prudent decisions. With our help, you don't have to worry about making costly mistakes.

I'm Not Sure What My Design Goals Are. Can an Interior Designer Help?

Most definitely. When you choose our services, we conduct a thorough examination of your property, needs, budget, likes, dislikes and the purpose of your renovation. Our years of experience allow us to incorporate this information into the tailor-made recommendations we provide to you.

How Do I Prepare Myself for My Consultation?

To prepare yourself for your consultation with us, you should get an idea of your design requirements and budget. For the former, the foremost consideration is the primary goals of your renovation. For instance, while some might be looking to create more usable space, others might want to improve the overall look of their bathroom or kitchen. You can research more about the design and colours that you want by flipping through magazines, going online, etc. We invite you to browse through our gallery to get ideas for your new kitchen or bathroom.


Why Choose Us?

We have successfully provided reliable design & renovation solutions to countless clients. When you choose our services, you enjoy numerous benefits, such as:
Expertise with experience: Our experience in the field has given us a deep understanding of client needs. We are able to provide you with dependable services with the help of our time-tested procedures.
• Know-how: Our team is made of educated professionals with their own unique expertise. They work with you to develop ideas that optimize your use of space.
• Comprehensive services: When you hire us, we commit ourselves to satisfying your requirements. We provide support throughout the renovation process.
• Innovation: We are seasoned designers that keep up with the latest developments in the industry. We provide you with solutions that are modern with a touch of old-time class.
• Versatility: We know that all renovation requirements are unique. Our team believes in providing our clients like you with a hands-on approach and customized solutions.

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We know that a renovation can be daunting. For this reason, we work hard to provide our clients with comprehensive services that take care of their every need. Our renovation services make the most out of your space while upgrading its appearance and meeting your utility needs. For information about our services, or an appointment, get in touch with us today.

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