Optimize Your Space with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Posted August 31, 2018

Optimize Your Space with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets in Oakville Ontario
​After daily use of your kitchen for a few years, you might find that the current cabinet setup does not work. A functional kitchen makes cooking enjoyable, and the right remodel will even boost your home’s value.

Regardless of your kitchen’s current size, you have an opportunity to make more out of the space you have and ensure every inch works for you.

7 tips for maximizing your kitchen space with custom kitchen cabinets

When you work with an Oakville designer to create custom kitchen cabinets, no longer will your cabinets be the place of expired canned goods, forgotten serving platters, and dust bunnies. Today is the day you take advantage of every inch you have to work with and create a highly functional space.

To get started, here are a few ways you can design your kitchen cabinets for better optimization:

1. Make everything accessible with roll-out shelves: Gone are the days of lost items in the back of deeper cabinets. Why? Because you can install full-extension, roll-out shelves that allow you to reach your seasonal items stored in the back with ease.

2. Conceal trashcans by building them into your cabinetry: Build your recycle and waste bins into your cabinetry, so that your guests do not have a focal point involving your trashcan. House them close to your work surface so that scraps are easier to toss. Consider installing a pull-out cutting board that comes out above your trash bins for even more efficiency.

3. Store pans and cookie sheets upright in a divided drawer: A single drawer where you stack pans and cookie sheets easily becomes a stressful mess. Have a drawer or cabinet dedicated to the items that you need to be stored upright, and include wooden dividers so that you can keep cookie sheets from mingling with cooling racks and sauté pans.

4. Increase counter space with a cooking utensil drawer: Have a sizeable pull-out cooking utensil drawer with individual canisters built-in so that you can store utensils away (keeping clutter off the countertop). This will also help avoid the cluttered utensil drawer where you must dig to find your favourite,

5. Use every inch for cabinetry with a library ladder: Floor-to-ceiling custom kitchen cabinets allow you use every inch of your kitchen. Consider installing a custom library ladder so you can reach those upper cabinets and keep them functional.

6. Consider spice drawers over cabinets: When designing custom cabinets, have a spice drawer installed under the stove. With graduated shelving, you can put your spice canisters on display, making it easy to pluck out the ones you need without digging through a deep cabinet to find them.

7. Make your kitchen island a storage mecca: Make your kitchen island multi-functional with practical accessories, such as a wine rack, built-in paper towel rods, knife storage drawer and a nook for your microwave. It frees up other cabinetry and makes it convenient to cook at your island.

Design your perfect custom kitchen cabinets with Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre

When you are ready to transform your kitchen into a highly-functional, efficient space, let the designers at Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre help.

Browse the kitchen cabinet options in our showroom, and speak with a designer to get started on your new space.

Update your kitchen cabinets with Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre. Call us at 905-827-4611 or contact us online with your questions.


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