Things to Consider Before Choosing a Kitchen Island

Posted March 23, 2020
Kitchen Designers

​Designing of the kitchen island gives you an ample amount of independence to shape it the way you want. There are no fixed rules while creating one and you can choose the design, size and material that suit your kitchen. For instance, you can supplement your countertop space or fix a sink to create a cleaning space. The kitchen designers of Oakville Kitchen & Bath Center have around 50 years of experience in creating and renovating quality designs in Oakville.

Designing a Kitchen Island

Designing of the kitchen island gives you an ample amount of independence to shape it the way you want. There are no fixed rules while creating one and you can choose the design, size and material that suit your kitchen. The kitchen island is the centerpiece of any home; you must unify the functional and aesthetic requirements while designing it. Here are some factors you need to take care of while consulting your kitchen designers:

1. Decide the Purpose of the Island – There are five essential kitchen functions you should take care of - storage, prep, cooking, serving and washing up. The first step in designing your island would be to reserve a function for it, followed by deciding its width and depth.

If there is ample space, create multiple stations on it like a stove and a sink. Many people like to incorporate a seating arrangement which might not go with a cook top. If you plan to install a cook top, get a range hood above it to absorb oil and smell while cooking. You can also design it as a cleaning station. Put a sink, a dishwasher and sufficient cabinets to store your utensils. Some space for garbage and recycle bins would also be good.

2. Don’t Make It Too Big or Too Small– You might get over-enthusiastic and design a very big island but regret it later. Even though your kitchen is very large, you will need sufficient space (at least 42 to 48 inches) around the island.

If the overall kitchen size is less than 13 feet in width, it is better to not add an island while in a U-shaped kitchen, make sure the opening is wide enough for your island.

The minimum size of the island should be at least 2 feet long and 4 feet deep. This is to accommodate a couple sets of 24 inches deep cabinets back to back. You can adjust a table instead of an island if you don’t have the minimum space.

You may want to install overhang over your kitchen island. A typical one extends one to 11/2 inches from the cabinet bases. Leave at least 4 feet between the overhang and the closest counter.

3. A Shape Which Fits – To make the best use of the space, you can shape your island in an oval, L- or a T-shape.

4. Do Not Obstruct the Workflow – The island should not obstruct your path while working in the kitchen. The common path (also known as the kitchen triangle) is between the fridge, sink and the stove. If your island seems to come in between this space, maybe you can leave it out.

5. Decide the Size of the Seating – If you plan to use the island as a counter to have meals, don’t cram in too many seats. Allow people to have sufficient space around them so that you can have your meals comfortably without feeling crowded.

6. Install Bright and Sufficient Lights – Dim or insufficient lighting will hamper your work on the island counter. Bright lights which can be dimmed are recommended.

7. Design Electrical Outlets for Equipment – To use the island effectively, install sufficient electrical points for various appliances like dishwashers or blenders. Ensure your plumbing needs are met appropriately.

8. Make It TrendyCreate an inviting kitchen and make the island a trendy one. You can infuse bright and contrasting colours in the cabinets or in the seats. You can hang pendant lights just above the island for a modern look. Use materials like recycled glass or marble which have high impact on the decor. Features with visual appeal and functionality (like detailed legs) have traditional charm and offer support.

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